welcome to my website!!!!!!

My name is Anthony. I am a second year CS major. I have so many passions & projects in the works!Contact: [email protected]

My projects

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Coding Projects

Content Creation

Illustration & Motion Graphics


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Promotions Bot (Jan 2023)

Discord & Twitter API, JSON

Creates custom embedded promotional images for a minecraft-centered Discord community. Used to promote small creators & streamers.

Image Processor (July 2022)

Java w/ Swing

Utilizes matrix multiplication to apply filters, transform images, and analyze levels. Exports in PNG, JPG, and JPEG. Easy to use GUI included for maximum accessibility.

Marble Solitaire (June 2022)


A fully playable, text-based marble solitaire game with three versions: square, octagonal, and triangular. Utilizes object-oriented programming principles to optimize.

Maze Generator (April 2022)


Generates & solves mazes up to 100x100 grid size. Solves with breadth-first and depth-first search algorithms.

Content Creation

In my spare time, I create music & live-streaming content with my virtual youtuber, a set of reactive images that tracks microphone input to open its mouth when I speak.
I like to sing with my friends, and we often make song covers together!

Song Covers

Illustration & Motion Design

I have been drawing digitally for four years & motion designing for two on After Effects. I work freelance to provide affordable services to independent music artists & content creators!



I picked up crochet last year as a stress relief hobby. Here's a gallery of plushies ive made :) I also take custom plushie commissions